UW-Madison ACUC Minutes



all_campus_closed_11-12-10 "Another" Peromyscus californicus pup (California deer mouse) found in stack of cages in cage wash room. Another select agent noncompliance reported.
all_campus_closed_12-13-10 Report on non-decapitated turtle. More steam valve-related mouse deaths reported.
all_campus_open_3-5-10 Includes proposed changes to the PHS Assurance and brief mention of whether invertebrates' (crayfish) pain need be considered by an ACUC.
all_campus_open_2-6-09 Pages 1 and 2 only. Update on biosafety monitoring problems and insufficient medical care for staff/students accidentally exposed to select agents.
all_campus_open_10-9-09 Pages 2 and 3 only. A discussion about the illegal sheep decompression deaths and possible efforts to convince the state legislature to exempt the university from the state's anticruelty laws.

Grad School (responsible for Primate Center)

grad_closed_1-11-08 Includes approval for reducing the oversight of (probably) one of Ei Terasawa's protocols following "22 micro-dialysis events and over 60 chairing adaptation sessions under protocol G510" without "adverse" consequences.
all_campus_closed_4-4-08 Apparent reference to compliance problem in Kaufman lab.
grad_closed_9-8-08 Includes brief report from retiring public member on her meeting with Alliance for Animals members.
grad_closed_10-13-08 Dr. Capuano (head primate center vet) announces that a facility will not be open to AAALAC inspection. Dr. Brown (vet who quit in protest over animal care) reports that rats had died from lack of food or water; a repeat problem. Discussion about inexperienced animal care staff being responsible for multiple problems. Discussion about HVAC problems.
grad_closed_12-8-08 RARC director, Eric Sandgren mentions his 1300 cage mouse colony. Includes brief discussion of "a juvenile animal" probably a monkey, injured from becoming stuck behind the "squeeze-back" mechanism in a cage. (p 3.)
grad_closed_9-13-10 p2: Terasawa: "a violation is a violation." Unexpected death in influenza experiment. Capuano report on oversight and regulatory problems completely redacted. Interesting letters and questionable claim ("there have been few previous studies of influenza pathogenesis and immunity in macaques" in Aug. 16 letter.)
grad_closed_11-15-10 p2: mice dying from loud noises. p2: monkey left for 41 hours without food; p2-3: monkey died of seizures; p3: "biochemistry animals" found dead with no food; many problems reported on p3 including entire colony being "rederived" and "weanlings" having died from dehydration and "adult females" left without food for 'several days."
grad_closed_2-14-11 The Valentine's Day meeting. p1: singly housed monkeys found without justification for being kept singly housed; reference to USDA inspection problems; p2: monkeys left without water; monkey left without alelgesia after surgery; mention that university is trying to amend state statute prohibiting killing by means of decompression. Includes report from in-house 1-11-2011 inspection of Grad School ACUC-regulated animal facitities.
grad_open_3-8-10 Includes discussion re widespread use of expired meds and supplies. See too RARC Director Eric Sandgren's statement on the ethics of vivisection on the last two pages.
grad_open_11-15-10 p2: Report that (Basso?) monkey's dislodged cylinder had been reattached (to his/her skull); p3-4: USDA widening its investigation; p4: OLAW seeking more details on deficiencies; p4: still problems with approving painful or distressful procedures.

School of Letters and Sciences

l&s_open_1-12-11 Includes announcement of cholera in zebra fish colony. (Cholera is a water-borne opften fatal disease responsible for massive epidemics prior to the advent of closed water and sewer systems.) USDA visit identifies continuing ACUC inability to force vivisectors to verify that they have considered alternatives to painful or terminal experiments. Includes approval of an Anthony Auger protocol (Steroid receptors brain sex differences was among those involved in the illegal mouse fighting experiments. His (wife, sister, cousin?), Catherine Auger was the Primary Investigator. She's not a very good teacher either.)
l&s_open_2-21-11 Report that USDA/APHIS continues to find problems with ACUCs not assuring that vivisectors are searching for procedures that cause more than momentary pain or distress (arguably the ACUCs' most important job.) See p3.
l&s_open_3-14-11 Discussion regarding required surgical records for each animal of a USDA covered species (p 1-2) and lack or insufficiency of such records in some labs. Report from vet Krugner-Higby that a rats in one lab's colony are experiencing audiogenic sezures and aspiration pneumonia; and, in another lab neonatal mice are developing cataracts (so much for using only healthy animals.) see p 3.
l&s_closed_2-21-11 Much discussion of the ART having problems with sipper tube placement and the continuing instances of California mouse pups being found dead in a cage prior to be washed in the cage wash room. See the minutes just above from the open session on 3-21-11. Includes 2-9-11 internal inspection report.
l&s_special meeting_3-10-11 Discussion about student use of a rat and two labs' with members who were approved to perform surgery yet who had not attended the required class.
l&s_closed_3-21-11 Report of an ART (animal research technician) unable to put the right water sipper tubes in the right cages, resuling in wet cage bottoms (claimed not to be an animal health issue) and young animals not being able to reach reach them at all. Includes report on conversation with another ART who found sick "pups" (probably mice or rats) and was unable to reach anyone on the lab's list of people to call in such an emergency; the pups died. ART says ACUC creating a hostile work environment. The ART's animal use "privileges" revoked. (pp 1-4.) Includes L&S semi-annual school-wide internal inspection report. Includes letter of March 13 to lab concerning third instance of finding dead Peromyscus californicus pups (California mouse) in cage in wash room. (It was mice from this species that were (are) being use in the illegal staged fights.

School of Medicine and Public Health


smph_open_6-2-08 Includes long comment from IO William Mellon in which he states that the university submitted a letter in support of allowing research labs recieving federal funds to use Class B animal dealers (Class B refers to "random source" animal dealers, or "bunchers." See the National Academies position statement on this issue.)

Monkey Imports/Exports to/from Dane County

Covance imports from their Alice Texas quarantine facility (a small set of documents)


Madison Canada Goose Massacre Documents

Trapping in Dane County

Nedim C. Buyukmihci, V.M.D. Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Medicine: Letter to Dane County Supervisors July, 27, 2011.

Miscellaneous Documents

UW-Madison Was Accused Dealer's Best Friend. Bill Lueders. Isthmus. June 11, 1993.


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