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A History of Primate Experimentation at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

The early days: Harlow and 50 years of cruelty, 1930-1981.

Robert Goy: Curing homosexuality, 1971-1989.

John Hearn: The Aussie takes over, 1989-1997.

Joe Kemnitz: The tradition lives on, 1997-present.

Space does not allow a full accounting of the history of monkey use at the University of Wisconsin. The method employed here is to highlight the research conducted by each of the four directors over the course of their tenures and to call attention to events that occurred during these time spans.

The bibliographies presented are incomplete. For instance, Harlow's entire bgibliography is simply too extensive to cite fully, and Goy's fixation on sexual behavior was indulged by experiments on species other than monkeys.

Nevertheless, highlighting the research conducted by the directors offers a small window into the sort of research deemed adequate by the NIH and the UW as justification for the suffering endured by the many thousands of monkeys consumed in the UW labs over the past decades.



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